Elabrew Coffee

Elevating your coffee experience

Elabrew Coffee is an independent coffee company based in Santa Monica. We've also gone mobile, with the first specialty coffee truck of Los Angeles. Composed of an eclectic cast of talented individuals, we are dedicated to elevating the coffee experience of our customers. The intent in creating Elabrew was the sole purpose of exposing others to better coffee in the most accessible manner possible, through its locations and the people involved.


Who we are

©Elabrew Coffee started with a vision to cultivate and elevate your coffee experience. Thus the name “Elabrew” was born. Combining quality, customer service, approachability, and artistic elements, these things all encompass and embody the company as a whole. Our main goal is to make you happy while transcending your coffee experience. Which then challenges us to step outside the box in the coffee industry.

There is a highly conceptual artistic direction when designing out a space for Elabrew Coffee. This gives the environment a somewhat narrative vibe that engages the customer/viewer. Using coffees from Ritual Roasters in San Francisco CA, Kuma Roasters from Seattle WA, and Ceremony Roasters from Annapolis MD, has helped us deliver the quality coffee experience we strive for. Using these roasters and sampling other coffee from roasters around the country gives us the perspective of being students of coffee. The deeper we go in our learning, the more possibilities we encounter, opening up countless paths in front of us. This approach allows us to keep an open mind, showing our company who we are, and assists in the aptitude of defining ourselves as authentically as we can.

Our team brings the talent, approachability, personality, and life to the Elabrew coffee experience.